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Upholstery Cleaning

As our name would suggest, in addition to our professional carpet cleaning service, we also offer a professional upholstery cleaning service. All upholstery cleaning is undertaken on site at the client's premises. The professional cleaning systems we use to undertake this work not only ensure the most satisfactory cleaning results, but often allow the upholstery to be put back into use within a matter of hours.

Due to the delicate nature of many fabrics and the need to avoid overwetting of some fabric types, A.G Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning use both a Low Moisture Soil Extraction Cleaning System to safely clean the more delicate fabrics, and the Hot Water Extraction upholstery cleaning system for cleaning the more robust fabric types where heavier soiling has occurred. Prior to cleaning, the upholstery fabric is thoroughly checked to establish the fabric type and its suitability for Low Moisture cleaning, Hot Water Extraction cleaning or Dry cleaning.

Stuffings inside cushions are also checked for any likely bleed-through and appropriate steps taken to ensure this cannot happen. All chemicals and stain removal agents are tested on an inconspicuous area of the fabric prior to their use.

After thorough vacuuming of the fabric, areas of heavy soiling and hair/body oils are pre-treated with the chemical agent appropriate to aid their removal and cleaned by the Hot Water Extraction or the Low Moisture cleaning system as appropriate. All the fabric, including those areas previously cleaned, are then chemically treated and Extraction or Low Moisture cleaned. Any remaining stains and marks are then removed wherever possible using the appropriate chemical agent to lift them from the fabric.

Both the Hot Water Extraction and Low Moisture Cleaning Systems remove the chemical as well as the soiling to ensure the fabric stays cleaner for longer.

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