No vat to add as I am under the vat threshold. All bookings subject to a minimum charge of £120.00

  • If furniture such as sofas, beds etc are present in the rooms and you require these to be moved I price at £ 5.00 per square metre (3.3ft x 3.3ft) of carpet to be cleaned
  • If furniture is present in the room but there is no requirement to move the furniture I price at £ 5.00 per square metre of carpet to be cleaned charging only for the actual area of carpet to be cleaned      
  • If no furniture is present in the room I price at £ 4.00 per square metre of carpet to be cleaned
  • Stairs are priced at £ 50.00 per flight (ie 13 steps)

The prices include treatment of any stains spots etc present on the carpets. Please be aware that whilst we do treat all stains, spots etc it is not possible to guarantee removal of these.

On the day (of the booking) I would measure the areas of carpet to be cleaned and confirm the price to you prior to undertaking the work. In the event you decide not to proceed, I can confirm no charge (including call out etc) would apply. All quotes are free and no obligation.



Carpet cleaning prices are the same as for Houses except the minimum charge is £140.00 for flats and appartments located above ground floor. If located on the ground floor the minimum charge is £120.00.



Sofas are priced at an average of £50.00 for each person the sofa would seat eg if seats three people the price would be £150.00.

There are variations for fine or delicate fabrics such as velvets which would be priced higher or sofas with fixed cushions requiring less fabric to be cleaned which would be priced lower. Scatter cushions average £4-10.00 each depedent on size.

Armchairs average £45 – 60.00 dependent on size and fabric type and dining chairs average £10 – 25.00 dependent on size and condition



Pricing of rug cleaning depends on size, density and fibre type so the price would have to be determined on each individual rug.

Please be aware some rugs need to be taken away and cleaned in a controlled environment rather than at the clients home. This is a service that A.G Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are unable to provide, however, we are happy to advise on reliable local companies who do provide this service



To stainguard carpets we price at £3.50 per square metre (3.3ft x 3.3ft)

To stainguard sofas, armchairs and dining chairs the cost is 2/3rd the cost of cleaning these items eg to protect a sofa that seats three people would be £100.00